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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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agna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant kind of scary. >> right now at 11:00, bullets fly outside of an oakland hotel just before a well-known football team checks in good evening and thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm raj math zblirkz and i'm jessica aguirre. fans were checking into a marriott in oakland when a cabby waiting for a fare was shot and stumbled bleetiding into the
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lobby. within minutes police arrived searching for the shooter. another stain on oakland's reputation. >> reporter: the ohio state football team and their fans are staying here at the marriott hotel in downtown oakland. many of them are telling me tonight that they heard the gun shots. >> i was up in the pool area. and just relaxing. i hear bap bap bap bap. and my first thought was, where's my buddy mark. >> reporter: his friend, mark hill, was in the lobby of the marriott hotel in downtown oakland taking cover. he also heard the gunfire. >> dove behind a pillar. and advised some other people to do the same thing. >> reporter: around 3:00 this afternoon, someone fired a weapon in the heart of downtown oakland. a cab driver was shot in the leg. >> so we're trying to determine what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: the cab driver suffered a nonlife-threatening injury and police retained a person of interest but that
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doesn't help oakland's image. >> that's not what you expect from a holiday or conference. >> would you come back for pleasure? >> no. >> because of this? >> yes. >> reporter: oakland continues struggle to clean up its image of being a city plagued with crime and violence. the city recently opened this new visitor center in jack london square, and new businesses like the district two blocks from today's shooting are trying to stay positive according to bar manager danny baker. >> it's very painful. when we're really trying to provide for the neighborhood and for oakland in general, and we're just kind of kicked in the butt like every so often. it doesn't help our image. that's for sure. >> reporter: people like baker say they refuse to give into a problem they say they have no control over. >> that was cheryl hurd reporting for us. we're going to continue to follow this story throughout the weekend. by the way, the buckeyes play cal tomorrow. new tonight at 11:00, barry bonds says he's ready to start
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doing his time. house arrest immediately. a federal appeals court upheld bond' 2011 obstruction of justice conviction today. he was found guilty of misleading a grand jury back in 2003 surrounding the balko steroids scandal. the sentence is one month of house arrest and 250 hours of community service. bonds did release a statement on his web site tonight saying he's disappointed but he fully respects the judicial system. quote i have instructed my attorneys to ask the court to permit me to begin serving my full service and probation immediately. however, bonds did go on to say in the statement that he wants to seek further judicial review of the appeal results. no more cheap gas for google. a major announcement, the government perk that has been taken away by the pentagon. this is all part of a story that our investigative unit first exposed last year. and it continues to unfold now. mountain view-based google has a controversial agreement with nasa to fly its private jets
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from moffitt field and allowed to buy jet fuel from moffitt for a discount until now. the nasa-sponsored perk has been discontinued. the president of a nonprofit called corporate aircraft association says the average price for a gallon is 4.35. the "wall street journal" reports today that google was paying $3.19. that's more than 25% less. google did not comment. now a followup, we're getting a look at four men accused of committing a home invasion robbery in san jose. sheriff's department says these four men were armed when they forced their way into a home and threatened two women. the home invasion happened yesterday morning in the allen rock neighborhood of east san jose. a fifth person is still on the loose tonight. so what will he do? hundreds of bills are now in the governor's desk waiting for his signature. everything from limousine safety to environmental law. should he sign them? nbc bay area jean elliott is live in san francisco with
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activists offering the governor advice about what he should sign and veto. >> reporter: state lawmakers crafted and passed hundreds of bills. tonight governor jerry brown says he expects positive results from the legislation he plans to sign. some of his critics disagree. >> the disruption of the climate patterns on which all human beings depend is the greatest problem that mankind has ever faced. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says he is committed to fighting climate change. as he signed the memorandum of understanding with china to protect the environment. but the governor's critics say mr. brown needs to get environmental laws in california in order before going global. one of the hundreds of bills on the governor's desk is sb 4. the bill regulates the controversial practice of fracking in california. the governor says he'll sign it. >> well, doing nothing is the
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worst approach. and doing a comprehensive, scientific study of oil drilling, fracking, and various technologies that are associated with it, it's absolutely in the public interests. >> reporter: protesters say if the governor cares about the environment he will outlaw fracking. >> what we need the governor to do is to veto sb 4 and to follow the lead of governor mario cuomo who's put a moratorium on fracking while we study the full impacts. >> reporter: there are several other high-profile bills the governor mufs must consider, an early warning earthquake system, limousine safety and giving illegal immigrants driver's license. that he once opposed. >> i said at the time the answer is immigration reform. that's true. but because congress has been so slow, i think they need a good push. and that's what i think this driver's license bill does.
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>> reporter: the governor isn't as vocal about his position on hundreds of other bills. he will either sign into law or veto. >> congratulations. >> reporter: he has until october 13th to make a decision. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. a hayward mother says her daughter's first day of school was traumatic and dangerous because of a mixup with the school bus. the 3-year-old girl has autism. her mother says she expected the bus from durham services in hayward to take special care of her daughter. instead, she says the bus never picked up the little girl after school. >> i had to arrange for an emergency contact to pick caitlin up and to take her home. when caitlin got home, she was safe but you could tell it had been a really rough day for her. >> the mother says the daughter is now afraid to get on the bus. durham provide transportation to all of the special needs students in the hayward school district. the interim superintendent admits this is not the first
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problem the district has seen with the bus system and it's trying to work with the company to make sure the kids are safe. with the possible strike looming, bart officials are proposing a new plan to keep trains running. their plan b includes turning bart managers into train operators if the workers go on strike. now, union reps say although some bart managers did operate trains, that was years ago. they say they're also skeptical that they're ready because train operators go through 16 weeks of training and get recertified each year. bart officials say if they move forward with this plan it would be for a very limited time and service. both sides go back to the bargaining table on monday. now to a developing story. boulder county officials now say 172 people are unaccounted for after severe flooding devastated communities there. three straight days of flooding have left at least four people dead. tonight the rain has stopped, but even more is in the forecast. nbc bay area jay gray joins us live from boulder tonight with the very latest. that is not a forecast that is
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in any way uplifting for those folks. >> reporter: no. very difficult, jessica. good to talk to you. we are getting a much-needed break from the rain today. but it is expected to come back here sometime tomorrow. no break from the damage that the downpours left behind. many of these areas seeing rain the same amount they see in a year over the span of two days here. so it's pushing water into places it's never been. it's also closed off several communities trapped from the rest of colorado by walls of water. the sheriff in boulder county talked about that earlier today. >> many, many communities in our western mountains are completely isolated. there is no road access, no telephone information, no power, no water, no septic, no sewer. >> reporter: now, a really tough go, thousands of people who are isolated right now. they've had to try to chopper in some water, some food supplies, some medicine in some cases.
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they're still working around the clock trying to get in to help get these people to higher ground but that's a process like so much here that's going to take some time and could be affected by the forecast. we're hearing more rain tomorrow and perhaps through sunday. so it's still going to be a rough go. a lot of people telling me today we feel like we're just in the middle of all this. >> that's a difficult situation to be in. thank you, jay. we're also getting a look at the devastation in colorado via social media. this is a twitter photo showing a canal that formed right in front of one man's home. >> and good evening, i'm jeff rainiery. a changing weather pattern for us. we'll talk about rain in their seven-day forecast. we haven't seen that in awhile. that's coming up in a few minutes. i'm live at palo alto high school. scheduling issue leads to
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outrage at a local high school. we're back in a moment.
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49ers head coach jim harbaugh returned to his alma mater. he wasn't recruiting future 49ers. instead he ushered in a new era for paly. the campus is still buzzing at this late hour, george? >> reporter: you're right. a sellout crowd tonight here in palo alto. people came out to check the new renovations including this new end tray tower right here. of course there was star power
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as you said out here tonight as pali high honored coach jim harbaugh during the pregame. >> jim harbaugh. >> reporter: feeding off the crowd is what coach jim harbaugh does best. only he didn't have to worry about the xs and os. tonight it was all about the coin toss. >> when you're high school essentially football coach tells you to do something you just do it. i'm here and enjoying it. >> reporter: also enjoying it were the fans. parents and students alike packed the stands. this game was sold out. >> oh, it's awesome. it means a lot to see the pal high. >> reporter: he was also here to check out the null renovated football field, new grand stands and ramps for wheelchairs and new concession stand. the students look up to jim harbaugh, a fellow pal high grad done good, a true role model on how to get things done. >> he's obviously a great role model. he's done so much for stanford and now the 49ers. he's a great local legend. >> reporter: after the ceremony
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coach harbaugh left to prepare his niners against the seahawks on sunday night. >> going to be a rock em sock em game. looking forward to it. it will be a playoff atmosphere. one of those games that's like the second or third round of the playoffs. and our team's ready to go. we're looking forward to the game. >> reporter: and with coach jim harbaugh and all the fanfare surrounding the new renovations, pal high knew they could not drop their home opener and they did not disappoint, beating san bernardino high school 28-7 tonight. we're live in palo alto, george kiriyama. >> pal high wins. what about the 49ers? they leave for seattle tomorrow for their big showdown against the seahawks that. game is sunday night in primetime right here on nbc bay area. kickoff at 5:30. san francisco high school students faced disappointment tonight but they may have learned a lesson about diversity and religion. first dance of the year low el high school was supposed to happen this evening but it got pushed back until next friday because of complaints it conflicted with the jewish holiday of yom kippur. the students say they won't be able to attend the dance next
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week because it's a day before important testing. others say really there's a bigger message. >> everybody knows christmas and the trees and everything. but nobody would ever have like anything on that day. but it just seems like sometimes jewish holidays are overlooked. >> school principal says he made a mistake when he scheduled the dance, and he wants to be sensitive to everyone's needs. he says any money spent on the dance will be put into the one next week. okay. how does 300 million sound? powerba powerball fever heating up tonight. hopes of a winning jackpot expected to be about $317 million. the cash payout for saturday's drawing more than 176 million. the odds of winning the big prize with a single ticket is about 175 million to 1. that's still not stopping lots of hopeful players from putting down 2 bucks to buy powerball ticket. if no one wins tomorrow the powerball jackpot could roll
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over to half a billion dollars. tomorrow expected to reach 317 million. that's the fourth time this year it will go above the $300 million mark. left the fastest powerball jackpot to reach this high since 1992. have you seen this? cal osha look into this accident that brought traffic to a halt in san francisco's financial district this morning. window washing scaffolding came loose on a high-rise at clay and battery streets. firefighters shut down the streets below and evacuated three floors of the building. the one-ton scaffolding hung precariously from the 41st floor for two hours before a window washer finally scaled the building and secured the scaffolding. let's bring in meteorologist jeff rainier i. >> i think the window washer that helped get that down deserves a cut of the powerball. the video of that is unreal.
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get a look at the doppler radar, we do have increasing humidity right now. but no rain on the radar right now. we're finding a few areas of drizzle right across the peninsula. but this time next week we're going to talk about some much larger changes coming in the seven-day forecast that will definitely signal that fall is just around the corner. let's get you right into your saturday forecast. you work so hard all week long, so how's it going to play out? pretty good at 8:00 a.m. if you want to sleep in and take it extra slow. widespread cloud cover at the coast and areas of clouds stretching all the way inland. temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. by the noon hour slow to clear back from the bay. but if you live in livermore down to san jose, by noon we should have full on sunny skies. temperatures in the mid 70s. by 4:00 p.m. who can argue with 84 degrees in california in september in the afternoon? not me. all right. let's get you outside right now to they high definition sky camera network. you can see clear skies at least in the lower levels in san jose.
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up above we have a little bit of a high fog that's transitioning throughout the santa clara vail. fog storm again shrouding the new span of the bay brirch and the san francisco side. that continues into downtown right now. visibility in some cases reduced down to just hundreds of feet. so yes, air traffic will have problems at sfo for tomorrow morning. now in terms of temperatures, actually going to go cooler throughout saturday. think about this time last week. we were on the cusp of the upper 90s and low 100s. very comfortable throughout saturday. 82 in san jose, 77 palo alto. santa cruz decent amount of sunshine you'll poll up to 72. in the east bay no 100s. thank goodness. we'll go with 82 walnut creek, 81 pleasant on, carr cross over east bay hills, 20 minutes from dublin to castro vail and
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temperatures will drop about 10 degrees. microclimates in full effect. 70s as you start to head into the north bay. then up into santa rosa and sonoma in the low 80s. next week the jet stream is going to sing all the way down to central california, not only providing us with cool air but also rain in the forecast. it's not going to get here until friday night and also into early saturday. and overall right now it looks like the north bay will have the best shot at maybe picking up .10 to .25 inch. no rain for the east of south bay. but i bet at this point the way the forecast models are running we definitely could have rain for everyone as we head throughout friday's forecast. not a large storm system but definitely some showers that will get those umbrellas on out. here we go. on the seven-day forecast for your weekend, if you're just tuning in you can see temperatures in the low to mid 80s for this weekend.
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we're going to stay dry with 60s at the coastline. by tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week temperatures begin to drop. and friday that is a rain icon. i know it's late. you may think it's your eyes. but it's rain coming out of that cloud, folks. >> the weekend's here. thank you, jeff. >> and the rain is coming next weekend. we don't have to worry about this weekend. >> thank you. coming up, a glitch leaves customers at one bank in limbo. we'll tell you why in a moment. ♪
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tonight wells fargo says it has fixed the problem that kept people across the country from getting into their accounts. this afternoon, many customers were unable to use their credit and debit cards. several atms were also not working. wells fargo confirmed nbc bay area that it was a computer system problem and it has since been resolved. but it hasn't said what caused the outage. facebook is rolling out a new way to watch videos op mobile devices. when you see videos in your news feed they'll needily start
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playing with no sound. if you want to watch you tap the video with sound. just keep scrolling if you don't want to watch. facebook says it's doing a limited test to start. no more refunds if you missed your flight on southwest airlines. as of today passengers have to cancel who do not cancel in advance will lose their money if they don't show up. customers who buy nonrefundable tickets must cancel at least ten minutes before their scheduled departure time. some torture in baseball tonight. but it was all good for the as and giants. brody brazil joins us next. ♪
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now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ last year wasll about the giants in the baseball post-season. this year it might be the, as. brodie brazil joins us. >> i know you guys are hip, right in my demographic. you'll understand this lead in
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here. you know the band green day. they've got the song with the lyrics wake me up when september ends. the green and gold they don't want this calendar month to ever conclude. the oakland as red hot heading into texas tonight trying to expand a 3 1/2 game lead on the american league west. mid 90s and humid in arlington tonight. brandon moss makes this thing more of a laugher. solo shot to right ninth in the last 23 games. now 9-2 as. in the eighth the rangers score 6 and as lead is cut down to one. adrian beltre singles. will get alex rios at third or will he? umpire says he's out but replay will show you he was safe. as are lucky tonight. they go on to win 9-8 your final in texas. dodgers still in southern california. the giants i should say in southern california. top eight, 3-2 san francisco. hunter pence going solo to right
11:27 pm
center 22nd on the season. bottom ninth, two men on, two outs, adrian gonzalez at the plate looking to play hero like last night. ground this one right back up off sergio romos's leg. giants win 4-2. packers linebacker clay matthews has been fined $15,000 for this late hit on collin kaepernick last week. that took place on sunday. but 49ers lineman alex spoon has got a different punishment in mind. >> he got fined 15,000 today for the hit. if you cowl fine him what amount would you give him? >> probably just punch him in the face. >> no monetary? >> no, i don't want his money. >> yeah. you heard that right. we've seen what collin kaepernick can do on the football field and we've seen the magazine covers and international commercial-wise. but dantusi farms in turlock is taking his exposure one step further. a colin kaepernick corn maze
11:28 pm
starting on september 28th. you can visit this exhibition of vegetation. here's an overhead view of the maze that covers 25 acres of land with five miles of patz. a dollar of every tickle sold will go to charity. of course that 49ers-seahawks game is on sunday night. you can find it right here on nbc bay area. raj and jessica, i don't think that kaepernick tribute was corny, did you? >> very funny. very funny. >> i didn't write that, by the way. producer over here. >> i just appeared in your notes. >> i just read the prompter. you know how i work. >> a really quick, brodie. since you're dialled in with the as. couple weeks left in the season, magic number getting pretty close for the arcs, right? >> talking about 15 games left. as with a 14 1/2 game lead over the texas rangers in the american league west. it's going to start getting logistically impossible for the as to actually miss the playoffs whether the a.l. west division title or the wild card.
11:29 pm
oakland as right now, things are looking pretty good. >> we'll all have to keep our fingers crossed. >> he just crunches the numbers with his head on the fly. >> i just did the post-game show like an hour ago. >> thanks, brodie. >> we'll be right back. >> thank you.
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always a good laugh. jimmy fallon's latest target, this sunday night's matchup between the 49ers and seahawks, specifically 49ers kicker phil dawson. >> next is phil dawson. he was voted most likely to be the love child of james carville and mr. clean. >> the niners defensive lineman justin smith and punter andy lee. it's all good fun. you can see the entire segment in about an hour on "late night
11:32 pm
with jimmy fallons." that niners-seahawks game sunday night on nbc. >> has the whole eyebrow thing been dropped? >> that was so six days ago. >> jimmy better be careful. they've got material to work with with him, too. just saying. >> pay back. >> thanks for joining us tonight. have a great weekend. >> we'll see you on monday. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals.
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